Tree Removal: When to Call a Professional

Nathan Bailey 

Tree removal can be covered by homeowner’s insurance in some cases after a storm. But not
always. The cost of tree removal will depend on the location and the method it was cut down. If
the tree fell on a home, causing damage, but it continued to grow and thrive until it hit another
house, then your homeowner’s policy may not cover the cost. It would be easier to get damages
from your home owner’s insurer if the tree only fell on a house or landed on a yard. This is
because of the increasing danger posed by trees to a property.

There are different kinds of tree maintenance. There are different types of tree maintenance.
Some have needles that drop periodically while others grow and shed their leaves frequently. A
felled tree that hasn’t fallen on a property or house may cause minimal damage. However, a
tree that is continuously growing and has bare bark or damaged bark can cause severe damage
to an area of a garden or lawn. This is especially true of trees that have overgrown and branched
into the area. It is possible to prevent this from happening by hiring a tree trimmer and tree
removal company to come to your location to remove the tree.

Tree felling and removal companies can also tell you that trees with disease pose a risk to pets
and people. There is a chance that some of the fallen limbs can get into your shoes and cause
injury if you walk into a wooded space. This is especially true for wood walkways, paths,
driveways, and other similar areas that are not regularly maintained. Pets are especially at risk if
the tree is already diseased. A diseased tree could easily fall on your pet, releasing a foul odor
that can attract vermin.

Many homeowners waited until a tree was too large to be managed by a simple tree-removal
and tree trimming company in the past. Many insured arborists are skilled in removing mature
trees that pose a threat to property, pets, and people. An insured arborist knows how to handle
every situation and how to avoid damage. The more knowledgeable an arborist is, the easier it
will be for him or her to determine what kind of treatment is needed to keep a property healthy.

Another situation which many people face when their trees are damaged is damage caused by
birds or rodents. Do you know any homeowner whose house belonged to a birdwatcher? Birds
will often eat small leaves and plants making them easy targets to provide tree trimming and
removal services. While a squirrel or predator might poke a hole through a leaf or plant in order
to get an insect or piece, birds will often pry open doors or windows to cause irreparable damage
to a residence. Call an arborist immediately if the bird feeder of your neighbor has caused
significant damage to a door or window.

There are times when a tree is growing too close or too far from another structure. This could be
caused by a power line being cut or a tree falling onto another structure. If you live on a parcel of
land that borders a property with a power line, make sure that you call a tree removal company
before the tree falls. Although an insurance policy will usually cover damage caused by a tree
falling on a structure or house, an arborist can help if the situation is more specific. For this type
of situation, you should check with your insurance provider.

Tree removal is not just for the occasion of tree falling. A tree falling on their driveway or
sidewalk is one of the main reasons people hire arborists. This can often cause significant
damage to nearby homes or sidewalks. It is important that you call a tree company before your
sidewalk or driveway is damaged. This can help prevent irreparable damage. Asphalt shingles
are extremely fragile and can easily come off the sides if a tree is placed on them. This can
cause a lot of damage and inconvenience.

A tree company can also help prevent windstorms from damaging a home. A strong windstorm
can cause severe damage to your home. Tree debris removal companies are often responsible
for wind storms. If you have a tree in your yard that needs to be removed, it is a good idea to hire
one. This way, you’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing that your home is protected from
wind storms

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